The eggette and waffle in Tin Hau @ 臨記 is excellent. He claims it’s free of butter/oil. To me, it’s so eggy in taste. And the machine is WARING WMK200, so the texture of interior is like cake, but exterious is crispy. I saw he used a small aluminium cup (~200-250ml) and it is enough for a full waffle. I wanna make it. I’m so in love with thick and eggy waffle.


Part A:

Flour (low)  60g (sieved)

Baking powder 4g

Salt 0.5tsp

Part B:

Egg 2pc

milk 120ml


1. Prepare Part B and mix together into a liquid.

2. Part A is prepared and added to Part B.

3. Add a spoonful to a hot pan (low heat) until bubbles are densely formed, flip it to another side.

4. Serve with maple syrup or raisin in rum cooked in raw sugar.



The mixture should be used immediately to maintain the CO2 property of baking powder. The recipe is modifed from normal pancake, which is more rich in starch and too plain to my taste. Milk and egg is increased to create a moist texture.