Cotton swiss roll / 棉花蛋糕卷/ 小山卷


  • Butter 25g
  • Cake flour 低筋麵粉   32g (sieved)
  • Sugar 37g
  • Milk  32g
  • Egg (room temp) 1pc (egg white separated)


  1.  Hot pan, low heat, melt the butter until there are bubbles.
  2. Add sieved flour to butter and mix it until they blend together into one.  
  3. Add milk (*order is important, don’t try to skip or exchange the steps. Do no ask. I tried.) slowly until they blend together again.
  4. Add egg yolk (until they blend….. Yes. Same principle) and put it aside. (Part A – batter)
  5. Add sugar to egg white to beat/whip them together (egg mixer: high speed), until it is no longer a liquid, but a firm foam. (*firm peak)
  6. Take 1/3 egg white to Part A. Cut and fold using a spatula. (Part B)
  7. Put baking paper on a baking tray. Add Part B into the tray. Remove excessive big bubbles if possible.
  8. Set oven as 170oC, upper and lower mode, for 15 mins.
  9. Rest it cool on a cooling rack. Remove 4 sides of baking paper. Turn it upside down for 15 mins.
  10. Spread any jam or cream on the upper side.
  11. Use a rolling stick to roll the cake, twist the left and right node and keep it fridged :))) 


This SHOULD be a simple cake avaliable in any bakery in HK. But the texture is not right to my taste (which is close to TW/JP style)

Finding a right recipe for a swiss roll with cotton texture (moist and soft) is difficult. Using UK recipe can turn out a texture with dry version. It’s rough. Using HK recipe is a disaster. Dry and sometimes it is not right. (You know … cheating photos or you can tell from the photos that the texture is not the expected moisture. Your eyes can tell when you have seen the failed texture more than three times and this gives you pretty good judgement).

This is the first time to adopt a recipe from Mainland and it turns out pretty well. Bon appetit!

Cotton swiss roll / 棉花蛋糕卷/ 小山卷