INGREDIENTS: (for one Lush size and one ping pong size)

baking soda    118
citric acid    59
corn starch    59
Epsom Salts    59
#esscence oil    2tbsp         15

spray water until wet sand
dry for 1-2 days


Deodorant Powder

1 cup arrowroot      237    119                60    30    15
¾ cup baking soda    177    88.5                44    22    11
3 tablespoons  bentonite clay 45    22.5            11    5.5    2.75

75 drops of essential oils of choice (see below)    37.5    19    9.5    4.75



Deodorant Powder

Energy bar – oatmeal and raisin

Unsalted Butter (room temp.) 100g
Sunflower oil 50g
Brown Sugar 180g
Quick Cooking Oats 200g
Egg 1
Rum 5g
Salt 1g
Baking powder  2.5g
Cinnamon 2g
Flour 150g
Raisin 119g

1 Mix butter with oil and sugar under slow speed.

2 Add dry ingredients until mixing well together.

3 Preheat oven to 160oC, 8-10min, Done.


Energy bar – oatmeal and raisin

New York Cheesecake


Oreo dust + unsalted butter + salt

Filing (for baking pan tray – 6 hole)
sugar 150g
cream cheese (room temp) 115g
flour 60g
sour cream (room temp) 115g
large eggs 1pc


1 Beat cream cheese and sour cream on medium speed until fluffy in a stand mixer. Whisk together with sugar and flour. Gradually add egg and mix until smooth.

2 Pre heat oven at 160oC, set boiling water bath.

3 Bake for 45 min. (to prevent cracks on top, set to 140oC for the last 20 min)

4 Turn off oven, leave cake in oven with door slightly ajar, set cake cool completely.

5 Refrigerate, at least 6 hours or overnight.

New York Cheesecake